258px-Al by DDD Meteor Phoenix2
Al the Crocodile
Background information
Voiced by
Character information
Full name
Other names
Appearance a funny, friendly dark green nocturnal florida croc with green (later white) eyeballs with dark brown iris and a dark red-purple dog collar around his neck
Species american crocodile
Home India (formerly)
Tri-State Area
Allies the three main women and their crocodiles and goanna
The Sirens
Minor Bayou Villains (formerly)
The Cecaelia sisters
The Mendler sisters
Humphrey the Grizzly (formerly)
Alyson and Sabrina
Tick-Tock the Alligator
Enemies Amy
Museum hall monitor
Main Bayou Villains and their henchmen
The kids in the neighborhood
The Alligators
The Cecaelia sisters (formerly)
Paige the wizard
Louis the croc
Doug the mutt

Donald the Jealous Duck
The Mean Bayou creatures
Likes friends, playing around in the Daytime and the Nighttime
Dislikes enemies, eating people, losing every game
Powers, actions, and abilities Strength
Weapons teeth and tail

Al the Crocodile (also known as Al) is an anti hero who plays around mostly at night and touch things in the museum when he wasn't supose to. When he becomes good, he learned that he's never going to touch things in the museum again unless someone works there says, "its okay".

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