Carlotta and Samantha
Character Information
Other names
Appearance Carlotta: a mexican-jewish sorceress wannabe with dark brown hair
Samantha: a rougish african-jewish sorceress with blonde hair
Species sorceresses - sprites
Home Washington
Allies Victoria (formerly), Catrina, Tori the Wizard, Jade the Witch, Freddie the Sorcerer
Enemies Tori the Wizard (formerly), Jade the Witch (formerly), Freddie the Sorcerer (formerly)
Likes fighting each other (sometimes)
Dislikes getting their hair yanked
Powers, actions, and abilities magic spells and tricks
Samantha: strength, poor-temper
Weapons Carlotta: Electrokinesis
Samantha: Aethikinesis

Carlotta and her best frenemy Samantha are the main antagonists to Freddie the Sorcerer.

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