Courtney the Dark Wizard
Background information
Voiced by Holly Marie Combs
Character information
Full name
Other names
Appearance a arabian-american C.I.T. wizard with red hair
Species wizard/siren hybrid
Home California (formerly), Washington (formerly), South Africa (sometimes), Arabia (sometimes), India (formerly), Moscow (formerly), Killarney (formerly), Bayonne
Allies Gwen Wess (her best friend), Zack and Purple (formerly), Courtney and Gwen the Wizards (sometimes), Gwen and Heather the Witches (formerly), Garfield Odie
Sidekicks Tori II and Sam II
Enemies everybody except for her minions and friends
Likes friendship, making sundaes
Dislikes disgusting foods, losing
Powers, actions, and abilities voodoo magic spells and tricks, inappropriate behavior, strength
Weapons Toxikinesis, Pyrokinesis, Psychic Manipulation, Electrokinesis, Aethikinesis

Amanda "Courtney" East is a C.I.T. wizard/siren hybrid and one of the main antagonists who is a best friend of Gwen the Dark Witch.

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