Courtney and Gwen
Courtney and Gwen
Background information
Voiced by Courtney: Jennifer Garner
Gwen: Rose McGowan
Character information
Full name
Other names
Appearance Courtney: an african-american CIT wizard wannabe with brown hair
Gwen: a greek-american goth/punk wizard wannabe with black hair with dark cyan highlights
Species wizards
Home Courtney: South Africa (formerly)
Gwen: New London (formerly)
Killarney (sometimes), Newfoundland, Canada (sometimes), Tri-State Area
Allies each other, The Rebel Kids, Paige Wess, Louis the Croc, Doug the Mutt, Donald the Jealous Duck, Mer-people, The Mendler sisters, The Cecaelia sisters, the sea animals
Enemies everyone except friends
Likes friendship
Dislikes boys getting between their friendship, voodoo magic spells and tricks, witchcraft
Powers, actions, and abilities magic spells and tricks
Weapons Courtney: Pyrokinesis, Terrakinesis
Gwen: Electrokinesis, Cryokinesis and Frigokinesis
Both: Aethikinesis

Courtney and Gwen are the american wizards, anti heroines, false antagonists, and tertiary protagonists.

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