D J (1)
Drake II and Josh II
Character Information
Other names
Appearance two russian-canadian warlock brothers with
Drake II: dark brown hair
Josh II: black hair
Species warlocks
Home Tri-State Area, Alaska (sometimes), Israel (formerly), Denmark (sometimes), Australia (sometimes), Hawaii (formerly)
Allies each other, Gwen Wess (Drake II's girlfriend), Courtney East (Josh II's girlfriend), Gwen and Heather the Witches (their half sisters), Delinquent Life Destroyers (best friends), the Vultures, The Rebellious Team II
Enemies Courtney and Gwen the Wizards and everybody else except for each other, their girlfriends, half sisters, and minions
Likes being lazy (sometimes), to cause trouble, breaking the laws/rules (sometimes), to destroy and blow up/burn down people's publics, buildings, houses, and properties and do all kinds of huge natural disasters of the world after they got yelled at (sometimes)
Dislikes getting blamed for their own mishaps
Powers, actions, and abilities magic spells and tricks, inappropriate behaviour
Weapons Umbrakinesis
Psychic Manipulation
Cryokinesis and Frigokinesis

Drake II and his older brother Josh II are the duo of troublemaking warlocks. They serves as the true main antagonists.

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