3 Duncan
Duncan the Sorcerer
Character Information
Other names
Appearance a greek-american sorcerer punk with black hair with bright green mohawk
Species sorcerer
Home California
Allies Phoebe McCourtney, Tiana II and Naveen II, Alpha II and his minions, Daisy II, The Cool Gals II, Icy Queen, Bridgette the Wizard (frenemy), Gwen the Witch (frenemy), Courtney the Sorceress (formerly), Geoff the Wizard (best friend), Izzy the Witch, Lindsay the Wizard, Toria, Jadus, Sammoth, Kattis, The Charmed Ones, Paige Wess, Jade the Viking, the teenage Vikings, Queen Victoria, Empress Jayden, Charlie Ant, Gwen, Bridgette, Geoff, Chris McClain, Ella, Sky, Zoey, Mike, Duncan (sometimes), Cameron, Shawn, Jasmine, Izzy, DJ, Lindsay
Enemies Icy Queen (formerly), Heather the Sorceress, Courtney the Sorceress, Gwen Wess, Courtney East, Drake II and Josh II, Ezekiel, Mal, Jo, Scarlett, Max, Scott, Courtney, Alejandro, Heather, Chris McClain (formerly), Chef Hatchet (sometimes), Sierra, Topher, Dave, LaShawna, Blue Aardvark (sometimes), The Rebellious Team II
Likes doing his bad boy moves
Dislikes friends in danger
Powers, actions, and abilities Pyrokinesis
Weapons powers

Duncan V is a sorcerer punk and an anti-hero.

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