Gerda the snowqueen
Gerda the Snow Queen
Background information
Voiced by Hilary Duff (9 year old)
Alyssa Milano
Character information
Full name
Other names Princess of California (formerly)
Gerda the Crystal Queen (briefly)
Queen Gerda of Mountain Island
Gender Female
Age 34-35
Appearance slender, human/magician hybrid, pale/fair skin, blue-green eyes, long dark blue (formerly, now brunette) hair currently in a french-braid updo, beautiful red lips, rosy cheeks, small diamond earrings
Species Norwegian human/magician hybrid
Occupation Queen of Mountain Island
Home Tri-State Area (formerly)
the Crystal Palace on Mount Santa in Mountain Island
Relatives King of California (father; deceased)
Queen of California (mother; deceased)
Allen Russo (younger brother)
Princess Ana (daughter)
Elsa VI (sister-in-law)
Allies Schoob, CJ, EJ, Allen Russo (her brother), Elsa VI (her sister-in-law), Rapunzel III, Juliana, Princess Ana (her daughter), Iduna Coronation (her best friend), Phlynn, MMD Group
Sidekicks her Crystal Palace Guards, Snow Dragon
Enemies Empress Elsa, Akuas, residents of Onomatopoeia Island, Evil Snow Queens, the Duke, Gladys the Snow Queen
Likes good crystals, heroic and anti-heroic Snow Queens
Dislikes danger, bad crystals, villainous Snow Queens, losing her brother, daughter, and best friend, everybody calls and looks at her as a monster, hurting those she loves
Powers, actions, and abilities strength, Crystallokinesis, Cryokinesis and Frigokinesis (currently), scrying through her crystals especially about what really happens in the past
Weapons hands, teeth, feet, magic urn, Cryokinesis and Frigokinesis

Gerda the Snow Queen, aka Queen Gerda, or Gerda is a Scandinavian human/magician hybrid, Queen of Mountain Island, Princess Ana's mother, Iduna's best friend, and Allen Russo's long-lost older sister. She's a titular anti-heroine and protagonist turned tertiary deuteragonist.

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