Gwen the Dark Witch
Background information
Voiced by Nicole Sullivan (formerly)
Cameron Diaz
Character information
Full name
Other names
Appearance a canadian-american voodoo goth witch with a goth girl outfit and black hair with jade colored (later, spring green to teal) highlights, eyebrow piercing (later)
Species wizard (formerly)
voodoo witch/vampire hybrid
Home Killarney (formerly), Tri-State Area
Allies Courtney East (best friend), Ian and other alligators, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and other dogs, Paige Wess (her sister) (sometimes), Zack and Purple, Tori II and Sam II (sometimes), Garfield Odie
Sidekicks Garfield Odie (formerly), The Wiz Twins, Cannibalisic Humans, Insane people from San Diego, Army of human-sized Voodoo Dolls, Doug the diaper guy (formerly)
Enemies everybody except for her minions and friends
Likes to bully everyone around, vengeance, giving her sister a wedgie (sometimes)
Dislikes to be blamed for her own mishaps, becoming a prom queen, losing, rainbows, girly stuff, people all over the world except for her sister and those that are her friends
Powers, actions, and abilities magical voodoo spells and tricks, inappropriate behaviour, strength
Weapons Pyrokinesis, Toxikinesis, Phobikinesis, Umbrakinesis, Psychic Manipulation, Aethikinesis, her voodoo powers and dark magic

Jade "Gwen" Wess is a voodoo goth/punk humanoid, Paige Wess' younger sister, Courtney the Dark Wizard's best friend, and one of the main antagonists who dislikes people all over the world.