Character Information
Other names
Appearance a large wizard/socerer hybrid with black/dark brown hair, right metal-peg-leg, white (green; incubus form) eyeballs with orange (black; incubus form) iris, large dark purple bat wings (incubus form)
Species german wizard/sorcerer hybrid - incubus (currently)
Home Oregon (formerly), Old tree island (briefly), the Valley of the Shadows
Allies Femme Fatale (his wife), Miley (his cousin-in-law)
Sidekicks The Baddies, Madame Mousey, Twitch, Bootlick, Slug, outlaw cats, Sharptooth (deceased), the shapeshifters (formerly), monsters, screaming ghosts (formerly), the Ape army, Angry mobs of young-adult vikings and penguins
Enemies everybody except for his wife, cousin-in-law, and minions
Likes to destroy everything that annoys him and any body who are show-offs
Dislikes everyone making fun of his problems, others who are show-offs
Powers, actions, and abilities dark magic, Pyrokinesis, Toxikinesis, Phobikinesis, Aerokinesis, Umbrakinesis, Psychic Manipulation, Flight, and Aethikinesis
Weapons scepter (formerly), dark powers, body parts, teeth, fire, poison, fear, wind, shadow, psionics, flight, aether

Master (renamed, Loki) is a slavic wizard/sorcerer hybrid, the archenemy of Spiro, Tara, Season Girls, Dark Spyro, Charmed fairy sisters, Frosty Couple, and Teenage Couple and one of the main antagonists. Although he became the true main villain.