Paige Wess
Background information
Voiced by Rose McGowan (formerly)
Mae Whitman
Character information
Full name
Other names Paige, Paige the Wizard, Red (formerly), Ariel (formerly), Heather
Gender Female
Age 24
Appearance slender, pneumatic irish-canadian wizard with brown to red (later dark brown to black) hair, sea-green eyes
Species wizard
Home Killarney (formerly), the Tri-State Area (formerly), Isle of the Found
Relatives unknown father
unknown mother
Gwen Wess (younger sister)
Neighbor Halliwell (boyfriend)
Allies Ump Matthews and Neighbor Halliwell, Ump Matthews' Team, Phoebe McCourtney, Spyro V and Cynder II, Spyro the Dragon IV, Allen Russo, Sierra Duncan, Piper Woods (frenemy)
Sidekicks Louis the Croc, Dug the Mutt, Donald the Jealous Duck, her four more dogs (Charlie II, Itchy II, Carface II, and Killer II), the Dark Aether Imps
Enemies Queen Zaria, C.A.L.L.I.E., the Outcasts, Treacherous Witches
Likes friendship
Dislikes enemies bothering her
Powers, actions, and abilities magic spells and tricks
Weapons Electrokinesis, Terrakinesis, Aerokinesis, Flight, Psychic Manipulation, Aethikinesis

Paige Ariel Wess is the now viking wizard, an anti-heroine, and one of the main protagonists who is Gwen Wess' goody two-shoes older sister, Neighbor Halliwell's new girlfriend, and a best friend of Phoebe McCourtney.

Paige viking

Paige Wess as a new viking