P Woods 2
Piper Woods
Character Information
Other names
Appearance a french-canadian human druidess with brown hair, a red tourmaline scepter
Species druidesses
Home Tri-State Area
Allies Phoebe McCourtney (sometimes), Paige Wess (frenemy), Prue Woods (her sister) (deceased), the rest of her family (deceased), Blue Aardvark, King Zack and Queen Jessie, Queen Jade and Princess Ally
Enemies everybody except Paige Wess, Phoebe McCourtney, Blue Aardvark, and her family
Likes to avenge her family
Dislikes being outsmarted by her enemies
Powers, actions, and abilities dark druid magic, Pyrokinesis, Toxikinesis, Phobikinesis, Aerokinesis, Umbrakinesis, Electrokinesis, Aethikinesis
Weapons her scepter (sometimes), powers, fists, feet

Piper Allyson Woods is a druidess and the occasional main antagonist.