Jenn 1
Puckett II
Character Information
Other names
Appearance slender, juvenile delinquent magician with blonde hair, blue eyes
Species wizard/witch - siren
Home Tri-State Area
Allies Vega II (best friend), West II (formerly), Jade the Viking and her tribe, Toria, Jadus, Sammoth, Kattis, Paige Wess, Victoria II and Jayden, The Charmed sisters, Tori IV, Freddie II, and Sinjin II
Sidekicks Vega II
Enemies everybody except friends
Likes eating meat, bullying (sometimes)
Dislikes people
Powers, actions, and abilities magic spells and tricks
Weapons Pyrokinesis, Electrokinesis, Aethikinesis

Puckett II is a bad tempered wizard/witch girl rebel and one of the main protagonists.