Queen and Princess
Queen Jade and Princess Ally
Background information
Voiced by Queen Jade: Elizabeth Gillies
Princess Ally: Ariana Grande
Character information
Full name
Other names
Appearance a pare of druidess sisters
Species druidesses
Home Enchancia
Allies each other, Earth Druidess, Water Druid, Air Druid, Fire Druid, Teenage Druids, Athletic Druidesses, Valentine Druidesses, other druids, Charlie Ant, Toria, Jadus, Sammoth, Kattis, Allen Russo, Sierra Duncan, Long-nailed Courtney, Long-nailed Bridgette, Long-nailed Gwen, Colette II, Vanessa II, Franny II, Piper Woods, Phoebe McCourtney, Paige Wess, King Zack and Queen Jessie (their best friends), The Big Seven, Charmed Ladies, Paige VII and Phoebe VI, The Circle Druids, The Triangle Druidesses, Spyro the Dragon III, Sparx the Dragonfly III, The Square Druids, Jade VII and Carly V, Tinker Bell, Vidia, Rosetta, Iridessa, Fawn, Silvermist, Elsa IV, Anna IV (Princess Ally's daughter), Rapunzel II (Queen Jade's daughter), and Merida IV, Oliver II and Vega III, Vega IV and Valentine III, Ump Matthews and Neighbor Halliwell, Elsa VI, Rapunzel III, Elizabeth and Jennette, Elsa Suffering, Astrid Suffering, Sebastian II, Flounder II, Marlin II, Nemo II, Dory II, and Anti II
Enemies Loki, the Ape army, Angry mobs of young-adult vikings and penguins, Malefor the Dark Master Dragon, Speero Zachary, Boss Hammond, Mamo Quetzalcoatlus, Marshaol Quetzalcoatlus, Anthonio Marsho, Purple Martin, Princess Zaria, C.A.L.L.I.E., Blue Aardvark, West, Benson, Valentine, Vega, Gwen Wess, Courtney East, Piper Woods (formerly), Master, The Baddies, West III, Lucky II, Rolly II, and Cadpig II and their siblings, Spot II
Likes friendship, spending time together
Dislikes friends in danger, anybody snoops around and making fun of them, haters
Powers, actions, and abilities their druid magic, strength, element of Cryokinesis and Frigokinesis (Queen Jade)
Weapons Queen Jade: ice powers, hands, feet
Princess Ally: scepter (sometimes), fists, teeth

Queen Jade the ice druidess and her normal of a younger sister Princess Ally are two of the main deuteragonists/tetartagonists.