Rocko II and Hubie II
Character Information
Other names
Appearance Rocko II: a rockhopper penguin with blonde colored eyebrows, red-orange eyeballs with black iris, violet colored bandana around his neck
Hubie II: a penguin with white eyeballs with blue-green iris, golden winter scarf, infra red earflap hat
Species Rocko II: southern rockhopper penguin
Hubie II: gentoo penguin
Home Antarctica
Allies Water Druid, Earth Druidess, Air Druid, Fire Druid, Athletic Druidesses, Charlie Ant, Valentine Druidesses, Teenage Druids, The Teenage Vikings, Oscar the Glowfish, Allen Russo, Sierra Duncan, Long-nailed Courtney, Long-nailed Bridgette, Long-nailed Gwen, Fil Wyatt
Enemies Malefor the Dark Master Dragon, Speero Zachary, Boss Hammond, Mamo Quetzalcoatlus, Marshaol Quetzalcoatlus, Blue Aardvark, the leopard seal, the killer whales
Likes friendship
Dislikes friends in danger, predators
Powers, actions, and abilities mixed martial art moves
Weapons their bills, fists, flippers, and feet

Rocko II and Hubie II are two of Teddy II's friends.