"Carly. Hay, Carly. It's Sam. I'm hungry!...Carly, I need food!"
Hungry sam1
Character Information
Other names
Appearance a rougish, short-tempered slender little girl with blue eyes, black shoes, brown shirt with peach colored under-shirt, infra-red shorts, fair skin, blonde hair with burgundy headband on her head with matching bows on her pigtails, pink lips
Species human
Home Boltimore, Maryland
Allies Carly, Freddie (frenemy)
Enemies Freddie (sometimes)
Likes friendship, bitting off Freddie's hands everytime there's no food in front of her
Dislikes being hungry
Powers, actions, and abilities strength
Weapons fists, teeth

Sam is an antagonist to Freddie in the web-show Bitty Big Heads. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle.