Spyro the Dragon III
Character Information
Other names
Appearance Normal form: a royal-purple sea dragon with reddish-brown wings with golden rims, golden spikes along his back , golden horns, underbelly and spiral thorn on the tip of his tail
Dark form: dark purple to black, with scary glowing eyes, black wings with dark brown colored rims, dark brown spikes along his back, dark brown horns, underbelly and spiral thorn on the tip of his tail
sharp white claws, and teeth
Species sea dragon
Home Washington
Allies Sparx the Dragonfly III, Season Gals and everybody else except enemies
Sidekicks Sparx the Dragonfly III, Gwen Wess (formerly)
Enemies Gwen Wess, Courtney East, Malefor the Dark Master Dragon's Ape Army, Boss Hammond, Speero Zachary, Mamo and Marshol Quetzalcoatlus, the Cannibalisic human monsters, the Dino-stars
Dislikes losing, his friends in danger
Powers, actions, and abilities flight, fast flying and swimming, melee
Weapons horns, teeth, dragon breath abilities: Normal form: fire, electricity, ice, earth
Dark form: convexity (fury)
Both forms: telekinesis

Spyro III is a purple sea dragon and one of the primary protagonists.
Dark Spyro

Dark Spyro II