Giant squid
Background information
Voiced by Frank Welker (formerly)
Gregg Berger (currently)
Character information
Full name
Other names
Appearance an obese magenta colored giant squid with yellow eyes with emerald green iris, indigo colored spots, 6 medium-sized tentacles and 2 large ones
Species squid
Home Neverland
The sea (sometimes)
Allies everybody except enemies
Enemies Main Bayou Villains and their henchmen, Gwen Wess, Courtney East, Pete and Pluto, The Mean Bayou creatures, Zack and Purple, The Rebel Kids (formerly),Captain James Hook, Mr. Smee, Sharky and Bones, Humphrey the Grizzly, The Alligators, Chris McClain, Chef Hatchet, Heather, Alejandro, Scott, Jo, Lightning, Bear, Bigfoot, Ezekiel, Duncan (sometimes), Ann Maria, Courtney (sometimes)
Likes to eat his codfish (Captain Hook) and shrimp (other villains)
Dislikes his codfish and shrimp (the villains) escaping
Powers, actions, and abilities strength, swimming fast, suction cup smacking
Weapons tentacles

The Squid is a gigantic sea creature who always likes to taste and eat villains as codfish and shrimp. Unlike the Alligator, the squid smacks his suction cups together whenever he happens to come by.


the "Squid"