Modern day teenagers by xrockattitude-d65ypae
Teenage Druids
Character Information
Other names
Appearance a group of Scottish adolescent human druids with
Alex, Wilbur, Duncan, and Edward: blue zircon scepters
Sarah, Gwen, and Allison: pink tourmaline scepters
Species Alex, Wilbur, Edward, and Duncan: druids
Sarah, Gwen, and Allison: druidesses
Home Scotland
Allies Water Druid, Earth Druidess, Air Druid, Fire Druid, Athletic Druidesses, Charlie Ant, Valentine Druidesses
Enemies Malefor the Dark Master Dragon, Speero Zachary, Boss Hammond, Mamo Quetzalcoatlus, Marshaol Quetzalcoatlus, Blue Aardvark
Likes friendship
Dislikes friends in danger
Powers, actions, and abilities druid magic
Weapons their scepters

The Teenage Druids are a group of seven adolescent druids and the recurring protagonists.