Victoria Justice Wallpaper 2
The Cool Gals
Character Information
Other names
Appearance Vega III: a fire elemental with brunette hair
West IV: a goth/punk water elemental with black hair with blue and purple highlights, eyebrow piercings
Valentine III: an air elemental with red hair
Shay II: an earth elemental with dark brown hair
Species Vega III: salamander (fire elemental)
West IV: undine (water elemental)
Valentine III: sylph (air elemental)
Shay II: gnome (earth elemental)
Home Tri-State Area
Allies each other, Heather, Gwen, and Courtney the Witches, Paige Wess, and everybody else except enemies
Enemies Gwen Wess, Courtney East, Drake II and Josh II, the Vultures, Zack II and Cody II
Dislikes little boys crushing on them, enemies
Powers, actions, and abilities Vega III: Pyrokinesis
West IV: Hydrokinesis
Valentine III: Aerokinesis
Shay II: Terrakinesis
Weapons powers

The Cool Gals are the group of ill-tempered adolescent elementals, anti-heroines, and four of the quaternary protagonists.