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The Life Destroyers
Background information
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Character information
Full name
Other names
Appearance Courtney: an african-american C.I.T. witch with brunette hair
Gwen: a georgian-american emo witch with black hair with green streaks
Duncan: a german goth/punk sorcerer with black hair with emerald colored mohawk
Species Courtney and Gwen: witches
Duncan: sorcerer
Home Killarney (formerly), Canada (formerly), Arabia (sometimes), Denmark (sometimes), Moscow (formerly), Devil's Bayou (formerly), Australia (sometimes), Costa Rica (formerly), Catacombs (for a short time), Tri-State Area (sometimes), Philadelphia
Allies each other, Gwen Wess, Courtney East, Zack and Purple, Duncan II, Tori II and Sam II
Sidekicks Dark Imps (currently)
Enemies Long-nailed Gals, Paige Wess, Courtney and Gwen the Wizards, The Alligators, Alyson and Sabrina, the Holiday Princesses
Likes winning, planning to get rid of the Holiday Princesses, to annoy anyone with their nasty schemes and stunts
Dislikes enemies yelling at them (sometimes), losing
Duncan: everybody calling him a "nice person"
Powers, actions, and abilities strength, magic spells and tricks
Weapons Courtney: Toxikinesis
Gwen: Terrakinesis, Phobikinesis
Duncan: Pyrokinesis
All: Aethikinesis

The Life Destroyers; Courtney, Gwen, and Duncan are the trio of troublemaking magicians and three of the main antagonists.