Victoria Justice 5
The Rebellious Team
Character Information
Other names
Appearance a group of three rebellious magicians
Species Vega IV and West IV: witches
Benson II: warlock
Home Vega IV: Los Vegas, Nevada (formerly)
West IV: Transylvania (formerly)
Benson II: New York (formerly)
All: Tri-State Area
Allies each other, Drake II and Josh II, Gwen and Heather the Witches
Sidekicks West IV: Rams, Bulls, Pueblos, Armored Gnorcs, Beasts, Bugs, Boars, Attack Frogs, Demon Dogs, Armored Turtles
Enemies everybody except for each other, their minions, and Drake II and Josh II
Likes Benson II: perverting The Cool Wiz Gals
Alll: winning, to bully everybody around
Dislikes losing
Powers, actions, and abilities magic spells and tricks
Weapons Psychic Manipulation
Spirit manipulation

The Rebellious Team; Vega IV, West IV (her friend and partner-in-crime), and Benson II (their nerdy friend) are three of the secondary (now, main) antagonists.