A 50
The Rebellious Team II
Character Information
Other names
Appearance a group of four Florida magicians
Species West V, Vega V, and Puckett III: witches
Benson III: warlock
Home Tri-State Area
Allies The Cool Gals II (formerly), Zack II and Cody II, Gwen Wess, Courtney East, Drake II and Josh II
Sidekicks The Cool Gals II (formerly), the teenage vikings (formerly)
Enemies everybody except friends
Likes tricking The Cool Gals II into crushing on Zack II and Cody II, bullying everyone around except their friends
Dislikes enemies bothering them, voodoo magic spells and tricks
Powers, actions, and abilities magic spells and tricks
Weapons West V: Umbrakinesis
Vega V: Phobikinesis
Puckett III: Toxikinesis
Benson III: Aerokinesis
All: Psychic Manipulation, Aethikinesis

The Rebellious Team II are the major characters and serves as four of the antagonists.