Two teenage Sea Sorceresses; Carly II and Sam II are two of the main protagonists.

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The Sea Sorceresses
Character Information
Other names
Appearance Carly II: an italian-american sorceress wannabe with dark brown hair
Sam II: a rougish jewish-american sorceress wannabe with blonde hair
Species sorceresses - sirens
Home Tri-State Area
Allies The Sea Witches (frenemies), The Sea Wizards, Tori the Wizard, Jade the Witch, Freddie the Sorcerer, Hiccup II, Astrid II, Fishlegs II, Snotlout II, Ruffnut II and Tuffnut II
Enemies Victoria, Catrina (formerly), Carlotta and Samantha (frenemies, now formerly)
Dislikes not-so-fun stuff
Powers, actions, and abilities Both: magic spells and tricks
Sam II: poor-temper, strength
Weapons Photokinesis, Aethikinesis