The Sirens are helpers of the Women and their pets and sometimes serves as main antagonists.

The Sirens
Character Information
Other names
Appearance a group of four sirens
Species sirens
Home Atlantic Ocean (Bailey and Sam)

Pacific Ocean (Maya and Addison)

Allies Women and their pets, Donald the Jealous Duck, Courtney and Gwen, the sea animals, their merman boyfriends, The Spring Sprite, The Elk, Yo-yo Flamingo, Tick-Tock the Crocodile, Al the Crocodile, Mer-people (their bosses), The Cecaelia sisters, The Mendler sisters, The Naiads, Tick-Tock the Alligator, Spencer Shay, Carly Shay (frenemy), the Octopus
Sidekicks the sea animals
Enemies Main Bayou Villains and their sidekicks, The Alligators, Al the Crocodile (formerly), Zac and Cody (formerly), Humphrey the Grizzly, Zack and Purple, Jade West, Trina Vega, Gibby Gibson, Rex Powers, Alejandro Burromuerto, Duncan, Heather, Eva, Scott, Fang (formerly), Blaineley, Sam Puckett
Likes oceans, their merman boyfriends
Dislikes enemies humiliating their merman boyfriends
Powers, actions, and abilities loud, massive, fearsome screams
siren songs
Weapons sea water and their teeth


Bailey, the leader of the sirens.

Jennette mccurdy12

Sam, the strongest of the sirens

Maya Bennett

Maya, the smartest of the sirens

Addison from slod

Addison, the silliest of the sirens