V-druidesses 2
Valentine Druidesses
Character Information
Other names
Appearance a group of five human druidesses with
Astrid III, Merida II, Gwen IV, and Tori VII: blue moonstone scepters
Heather II, Courtney IV, and Jade VII: red sunstone scepters
Species druidesses
Home Killarney (formerly), Antarctica
Allies Earth Druidess, Water Druid, Air Druid, Fire Druid, Teenage Druids, Athletic Druidesses, Charlie Ant
Enemies Malefor the Dark Master Dragon, Speero Zachary, Boss Hammond, Mamo Quetzalcoatlus, Marshaol Quetzalcoatlus, Blue Aardvark, West, Benson, Valentine, Vega
Likes friendship, fighting each other over boys that they like (formerly)
Dislikes friends in danger, anybody snoops around and making fun of them fighting each other over boys that they like, each other (sometimes, now formerly)
Powers, actions, and abilities their druid magic
Weapons their scepters

The Valentine Druidesses are the seven former main antagonists (now the secondary tetartagonists).